My Dental Agency: Creative and Logical Approach for Dental Marketing

My Dental Agency: Creative and Logical Approach for Dental Marketing

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Jackie Ulasewich-Cullen, Co-Founder, My Dental AgencyJackie Ulasewich-Cullen, Co-Founder, My Dental Agency
Marketing is crucial for increasing patient engagement. It helps bring-in potential patients and build a long-term relationship with them for the sustainable growth of the practice. Today, the horizons of quality care have been broadened. From personalized physician attention, patient engagement through websites and social media and word of mouth referrals, even the most well-established avenues for care have realized the need to update their approach towards marketing, especially online marketing. They often work with multiple service providers to develop their website, handle social media pages, and run paid ads online. However, these players lack a cohesive, strategic approach. This coupled with the challenge involved in managing multiple vendors, makes it important to find a partner that can competently manage online marketing. This is where My Dental Agency, a dental marketing agency, offers the dental community, customized strategies to enhance patient experience and overall growth of practices. The company specializes in balancing creativity with logic and strategy with innovation, to retain existing patients and attract new ones.

Leveraging over a decade of experience, My Dental Agency’s service portfolio includes website development, social media management, reputation management, PPC marketing, and email marketing. To drive the quality patient into the practice, the company takes a comprehensive, integrated, and custom marketing approach that highlights the uniqueness of the client. “We take a holistic approach to ensure our clients stand out in the market with a positive reputation, and connect online with their existing patients as well as new ones,” says Jackie Ulasewich-Cullen, co- founder of My Dental Agency. With its creative approach, the company builds an interactive and long-term relationship between practices and patients by improving the patient experience for both current and potential ones with essential engagements.

We take a holistic approach to ensure our clients stand out in the market with a positive reputation and connect online with their existing patients as well as new ones

Following a systematic process while onboarding its clients, My Dental Agency first understands the unique requirements of practices and challenges they face. Subsequently, they develop a personalized marketing strategy for the practices rather than an off-the-shelf proposal. The company also explains to their clients the importance of the specific plan or method, and reason for selecting a particular marketing campaign. This brings transparency in the process and helps practices decide if the marketing strategy fits their needs.

Established in 2014, My Dental Agency has served practices all over the nation and helped them grow sustainably. For instance, a practice struggling with managing multiple vendors and a poor online presence approached My Dental Agency to help them strategize their digital marketing campaigns. The company analyzed their situation and discovered that a few fake negative reviews, poor social media presence, templated website, and lack of engagement with patients, were hindering the client’s brand value. After identifying the problems, My Dental Agency designed a comprehensive marketing plan, including various campaigns and developed a unique website showcasing the client’s differentiating factor to actively drive quality patients. As a result, within six months, their reviews improved fivefold and moved up to a 4.9-star rating on Google, and Facebook likes increased by 160 percent. The practice drove 30 new implant leads and 31 general dentistry leads in just four months. “We increased the client’s online presence, making them more visible in the community by connecting them with their existing and new patients online,” adds Ulasewich.

With many such examples, My Dental Agency’s diverse skillset works together to deliver exceptional services to practices and resolve their issues. They are proactively providing new ideas and suggesting required changes and updates for campaigns and enables practices to focus on dentistry without worrying about marketing.

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My Dental Agency

My Dental Agency

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Jackie Ulasewich-Cullen, Co-Founder and Shawn Berg, Co-Founder

My Dental Agency delivers personalizeddental marketing campaigns to the dental community to drive new patients and retain existing ones while growing considerably